The Shinan shipwreck

In 1975, the discovery of Chinese ceramics in the sea near Shinan launched a series of underwater excavations close to the Korean peninsula. They revealed a shipwreck which was subsequently explored and salvaged over nine summers, from 1976 to 1984. It belonged to a Chinese merchant ship from the 14th century AD which had sunk on its way along the sea Silk Road. Inside the ship, over 20 000 pieces of ceramics and a large number of other objects were found. After the wreck had been raised, it was reconstructed at the Mokpo Conservation Institute for Maritime Archaeological Finds in South Korea.

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    Kyung-Ho Chang
    14th century AD to 20th century AD
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    International Seminar on the Korean Culture and the Silk Roads, 23-25 February 1991. Kyongju and Pusan, Republic of Korea.

    China, Republic of Korea

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