Results announcement of the 3rd edition of the "Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads" photo contest

The results of the 2021 Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads international photo contest will be announced in Beijing, China, 17 September, on the occasion of the 8th Peace Garden Peace Festival, as part of International Day of Peace, in partnership with the China World Peace Foundation. This event will bring together ambassadors in China, representatives of UNESCO and the World Peace Foundation, and guests from different fields.  

The Peace Garden Peace Festival has been organized by the China World Peace Foundation in close collaboration with UNESCO Beijing since 2014. This year’s celebration of World Peace Day will focus on the themes of “Peace, Trust, Solidarity & Sustainable Development in the Post-Covid-19 Pandemic International Context”. As well as promoting the projects undertaken within the Silk Roads Programme, the event aims to mobilize people from different cultural backgrounds to participate actively in the peace-building process.   

Part of the schedule of the event will be dedicated to the results of this year’s Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads photo contest and to the exhibition of the 60 best photos of the contest. The announcement will include video projections from the winners and jury members as well as speeches delivered by representatives of the contest.  

To follow the event online, please click the link below:

The event will start on Friday 17 September 2021 at 15:00 (GMT+8). 


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