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Visa's and Customs

Finland is a European Union Member State and member of the Schengen Area. A valid passport is required to enter the country. Citizens from other European Union Member States and/or Schengen countries are not required to present a visa upon arrival. Please consult the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in order to check whether you need a visa and which travel documents are accepted.

The visa application process can be started from the nearest Finnish mission or the visa centre that the mission advises to you. Please refer to the website of the Finnish Ministry for foreign Affairs for more information on the application process. The contact address at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is 


Travel and getting around

Getting to and from the airport

Located around 17 km from Helsinki, Helsinki Airport is the main international airport of Finland and is easily accessible by public transport and taxi services.

The train connection (lines P and I) towards the Helsinki city centre takes about 40 minutes and departs every ten minutes during daytime. Single fares can be bought for €5.00 (regional ticket) and are available at the ticket machines on the platforms and on the train itself. For more information about ticket prices and schedules, please consult the HLS-website here.

Bus line 615 departs every twenty minutes from Terminal 2 and brings you to the city centre in around 50 minutes. Single fares are €5.00 (regional ticket) and can be purchased at ticket machines and from the driver. Please consult the HLS-website for timetables.

Finnair city bus operates daily between the airport and the central railway station. A single fare costs €6.20 (online)/€6.30 (on board) for a journey of 30 minutes one way.  Departures are scheduled every twenty minutes from Terminal 2. For more information, please refer to the online brochure accessible here.

A journey by taxi from the airport to the centre of Helsinki takes about 30 minutes and costs around €45.00-€50.00. The taxi stands are located right outside the arrival areas of the terminals. For more information, please click here.

Please consult the website of the Helsinki Airport for more information on available services.

Public transport

Trams, buses, and metro services are all available in Helsinki and operate on the same ticket. Single fares for travelling within the city range from €2.40 to €5.00 and can be purchased from the driver, at ticket machines, or by text message (requires a Finnish mobile phone operator).

Day tickets for unlimited travelling are available for €8.00 (one day) up until €32.00 (seven days). They can be purchased from ticket machines, from the Tourist Information Centre or from the Helsinki City Transport service point in the Central Railway Station. One day tickets are also sold by the drivers.

For more information, please consult the HLS-website.



The Finlandia Hall will host all the plenary sessions and the conference of World Press Freedom Day 2016.


Mannerheimintie 13 e

00100 Helsinki, Finland


Tel. +358 9 40241

Tram and bus stops can be found right in front of the building, which is only a short walk from the city centre and the central railway station. Trams 4, 7, and 10 stop at the National Museum (“Kansallismuseo”) which is located in front of the conference hall.

For more information about Finlandia Hall, please visit their website.
You can watch The Story of Finlandia Hall on Youtube.



Participants are advised to contact the hotels directly. Negotiated prices per night are available at the hotels below, please consult this overview for booking your reservation.

Hotel Haven

Unioninkatu 17
FI-00130 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 681 930
F +358 (0) 9 681 93110
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall:2,2 km/10 min by car

Scandic Simonkenttä

Simonkatu 9
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 68 380
F +358 (0)9 68 38 111
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,1 km/15 min by foot

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Mikonkatu 23
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)20 1234 703

@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,1 km/13 min by foot

Scandic Park

Mannerheimintie 46
FI-00260 Helsinki 
T +358 (0)9 4737 1 
F +358 (0)9 4737 2211 
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 600 m/8 min by foot

Cumulus Kaisaniemi

Kaisaniemenkatu 7
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 172 881
F +358 (0)9 605 379
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,4 km/17 min by foot

Hotel Kamp

Pohjoisesplanadi 29
FI-00100 Helsinki
T + 358 (0)9 576 111

@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,5 km/7 min by car

Scandic Marski

Mannerheimintie 10
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 68 061
F +358 (0)9 6806 2211
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,0 km/12 min by foot

Sokos Hotel - Vaakuna

Asema-Aukio 2
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)20 1234 610
F +358 (0)9 4337 7100
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 800 min/10 min by foot

Hotel Arthur

Vuorikatu 19
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 173 441
F +358 (0)9 626 880
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,1 km/13 min by foot

Cumulus Hakaniemi

Siltasaarenkatu 14
FI-00530 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 546 60100
F +358 (0)9 546 60101
@ Mail 
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,6 km/20 min by foot

Crowne Plaza Helsinki

Mannerheimintie 50
FI-00260 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 2521 0000 
F +358 (0)9 2521 3999 
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall:600 m/8 min by foot

Radisson Blu Royal

Runeberginkatu 2
FI-00100 Helsinki 
T +358 (0)20 1234 701
F +358 (0)20 1234 702
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,3 km/16 min by foot

Hotel Seurahuone

Kaivokatu 12
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 (0)9 69141

@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,0 km/12 min by foot

Sokos Hotel - Presidentti

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
FI-00100 Helsinki
T +358 20 1234 608
F +358 9 6947 886
@ Mail
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 750 m/10 min by foot


Locations at the Helsinki city center:
a) Yrjönkatu 30
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,2 km/14 min by foot
b) Lönnrotinkatu 13
Distance from Finlandia Hall: 1,6 km/19 min by foot
Bookings are only accepted online.


Additional Information


Finnish (Suomi) and Swedish are the two official languages of Finland. Most Finns are fluent in other foreign languages, with the majority of them speaking and understanding English.


As a member of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), Finland utilizes the euro.

Electrical outlet

Finland has 220V electricity and primarily uses Europlug and Schuko as socket types. A plug adapter and a step-down transformer will be necessary when your appliances use a lower voltage and/or another type of plug.

Drinking water

Finnish tap water is safe to drink.


Spring in Finland begins in April where the daily temperature varies around 10° C. Light precipitation is likely. Patches of snow might still be present in Helsinki.

What to see and do in Helsinki

Sights and attractions on the Visit Helsinki website.


Map of Helsinki

Download the map of the Helsinki City Centre here.