Conocimientos indígenas y cambio climático



On the frontlines of climate change

Since 2009 the Climate Frontlines Forum has provided an online space for discussions on indigenous knowledge and climate change through its global mailing list, web portal and social media (Facebook and Twitter). From 2010 - 2012 it also provided support to enable community-level research and discussions on climate change.

Drawn from the discussion forums, the brochure, available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch, provides an informal learning resource for understanding indigenous knowledge and climate change.



Local Knowledge, Global Goals

The 'Local Knowledge, Global Goals' poster series is a reflection on indigenous and local knowledge systems, and their interactions with science and policy, today and in the future.

As the world changes increasingly rapidly, we explore the ways that indigenous and local knowledge contributes to understanding, mitigating and adapting to climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.

UNESCO’s Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Programme (LINKS), established in 2002, is grateful to Denmark, France (ANR, CNRS and MNHN), Japan, Norway, Sweden, IPBES, the Christensen Fund and UNU for their support during the past 15 years.

This project is supported by the Japanese Funds-In-Trust for UNESCO (JFIT) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).