EMIS: Technical assistance to enhance accessibility and use of the Education Management Information System


UNESCO works with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to review its Education Management Information System (EMIS), which manages the information on the Jordanian education system. The project facilitates the Ministry of Education to articulate evidence-based policy responses to maintain the quality of teaching and learning in Jordan, which is currently challenged by no reliable statistics on the magnitude of the refugees' crisis impact. In addition, the Ministry of Education expects to improve governance by having easy access to timlier, accurate and better disaggregated data for decision-making at central and sub-national levels.

The project Team goes to Singapore:

As part of the project, the UNESCO Amman Office in coordination with its implenting partner Community System Foundation (CSF), organised an expert training for 8 core techincal staff of the Ministry in CSF's training labs based in Singapore early June 2016. This milestone activity strengthened the experts' capacities in the area of Education Key Performance Indicator calculations, EMIS data analysis and indicator visualiation, and OpenEMIS system, and was part of UNESCO's efforts to guarantee EMIS knowledge transfer.



2014 - 2017

70% Complete (warning)



The EMIS project contributes to SDG 4 Quality Education, by strengthening the government of Jordan’s Education Management Information System, allowing them to collect better data leading to better outcomes.  



This project is funded by the European Union's Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR).