Welcome to Commerce Kickstart 2

Thank you for choosing Commerce Kickstart, a product offered by Commerce Guys.

While we have a rather long, boring Privacy Policy just like any other technology company, here is a short summary of some key items we feel are important:

  • Commerce Kickstart makes use of Google's DoubleClick for Publishers ("DFP");
  • We use DFP to show you content relevant to Drupal Commerce at various points and places in Commerce Kickstart, including during installation;
  • DFP is a third-party technology. It uses audience management tags which collect and use certain data;
  • Commerce Guys does not collect any personally identifiable information;
  • If at any time after installation you do not want us to utilize DFP through Commerce Kickstart, you can easily opt out of it;

That is it for the main points. The full Privacy Policy and User Agreement can be viewed on our website. Thank you again for choosing Commerce Kickstart!