Objetivos clave de la medida:

Ecuador, due to the economic benefit received through this program, has been able to develop the following actions: creation of Latin American musical works for children and youth groups in Ecuador and Uruguay, for an amount of 17,500 Euros; “Mitad del Mundo” young musicians meeting between Ecuador and Mexico, for an amount of 41,184.07 Euros; Participation of a delegate of Ecuador in the project of “Lutheria” presented by Uruguay, for an amount of 1.000 Euros. It is also important to mention the project“Musica sin Fronteras”, proposed by Ecuador and Colombia to the Iberoamerican General Secretariat - SEGIB, to promote the "Tricolor" children's and youth orchestra in Ipiales and Tulcan. The project was executed with a contribution of 14.806,00 Euros. The orchestra presented two concerts in Ipiales (Col) and Tulcan (Ecu). The purpose of this intervention was to promote social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through the integration of choral and symphonic music training programs in the Colombian-Ecuadorian border area, supporting the process of musical training for 214 children, teenagers and young people, as well as the consolidation of the Tricolor Binational Orchestra.