Youth Filmmaker Project

National Film and Video Foundation
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
The Youth Filmmaker Project is an initiative to unearth new talent and voices by providing them with a calling card into the film industry under the guidance and mentorship of an experienced production team. The project is implemented over 3 years from the development of a script, production, post-production and distribution of films across varying platforms for such films. These include public broadcasters, the local and international film festival circuit as well as film competitions in and outside South Africa.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
All participating filmmakers must be able to write, direct and produce a short film. The appointed production company must have assisted youth filmmakers to produce short films on their own with support from mentors. The production company must execute and deliver a total of 10 short films of 24 minutes in length over the period of 3 years. Films must be distributed on television and entered into film festival competitions locally and internationally to build the profile of the filmmakers.
Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Natives At Large
Private Sector
Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
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