Xavier Villaurrutia Center for Literary Creation

National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)
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The Xavier Villaurrutia Center for Literary Creation of the Literature Department of INBAL was created in 2010 with the aim of training literary creators, through diplomas, seminars, courses and workshops in poetry, narrative and dramaturgy, as well as chairs and specialized meetings in the instruction and development of the literary task and the promotion of reading. The Center owes its name to the mexican poet, essayist, art and literature critic, playwright and stage director Xavier Villaurrutia (1903-1950).
This Center offers the Diploma in Literary Creation, which responds to the artistic initiation programs and support for literary creation implemented by INBA. The Diploma in Literary Creation meets the highest level of excellence and emerges as a proposal for structured academic training, in order to provide students with the theoretical-conceptual elements and strategies of the craft of writing. The teaching staff is made up of writers specialized in the genres of short stories, novels, poetry, chronicles, theater, essays, editorial literature and screenplays, who have an outstanding literary production and recognition of their work, in addition to having conducted literary workshops in different institutions.
Furthermore, through its Literary Training Program, the Literature Department of INBAL exceeded the digital gap with the literary appreciation workshops, which are carried out in person (with cost) and online (free of charge) throughout the country. In 2018 two appreciation workshops reached almost 2.500 people from all over the national territory and other countries, and in 2019 the workshops has over 1,200 beneficiaries.

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