Using the Multimedia Brand ‘Zathu pa Wailesi’ to Unite Girls and Boys in Malawi

Girl Effect Malawi
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Zathu, meaning ‘ours’ in Chichewa, is a youth brand built by Girl Effect in 2017, in Malawi. It was built in response to the desire among youth for greater collective involvement and mutual support. Zathu uses the power of brands, storytelling and [local] popular culture to unite 12-17-year-old girls and boys. To reach its target audience effectively and in ways that they can relate and be entertained by, Zathu uses a weekly radio drama series that follows the lives of a group of friends, three girls and three boys who live in a trading centre of a remote locality. Their story follows the challenges each of them faces against themselves, their friends and their communities and how they work together to conquer those challenges.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Zathu has been empowering and uniting boys and girls for a more equal Malawi. Through the power of storytelling Zathu is helping girls to be seen, to be heard, and to achieve. It addresses challenging topics from friendships between girls and boys, to harmful stereotypes and sexual reproductive health. Results indicate high levels of awareness and consumption of the Zathu brand. 6.7 million people (64% of 10+ population) were aware, 4.5 million people (43% of 10+ population) had consumed and 2.6 million people (25% of 10+ population) regularly consumed the Zathu brand. 4.4 million people had consumed Zathu music, 2.3 million had listened to Zathu Pa Wailesi, 957,000 people had watched Zathu’s music videos and 130,000 people had used Zathu’s website. Zathu has resulted in positive outcomes in its audience: Equality: People exposed to Zathu had positive attitudes towards gender equality. •86% of consumers (10+) agree that “Zathu has taught them that females should be treated equally to males” “Zathu helps to reduce discrimination among boys and girls. And it also teaches us to be reliable to one another.” Girl, aged 13-15 years Agency: People exposed to Zathu felt increased agency. •95% of consumers (12-17 years) agree that “Zathu made me feel more in control of the decisions which affect my life” “I liked the advice and songs...they have helped me to change things and do things courageously” Girl, aged 16-19 years Source: Zathu Wave 1 Tracker Survey, 2017 (The 2019 data is currently being analyzed) Education: Youth who were exposed to Zathu branded communications on Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) had an increase in knowledge of TEVET, of how and where to apply for TEVET courses, of the courses available for girls, and felt that joining TEVET is a useful/beneficial option for them. 83% girls (40/48) and 87% boys (26/30) interviewed post intervention strongly agreed that it will be useful for a girls' life to enroll in a course that is typically done by a boy. •92% of girls (44/48) interviewed post intervention strongly agreed that enrolling in a TEVET course would be useful for them. “At first I thought they were not good, when I heard about the work of TEVET, I thought they were useless and I thought I would have less money or it is for uneducated mind has changed because after what happened with the community event, I changed my mind to be independent using these skills.” Girl, 17, Zomba Source: Evaluation of the TEVET awareness raising and gender stereotypes advocacy initiative, 2019
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