UNESCO Operational Strategy for Youth

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Due to the policy pursued with regard to youth, young people were given the opportunity to present their approaches, be directly involved in the development of the policy with regard to their field, presenting their vision and creative potential. The Youth Foundation operating in Armenia promotes the protection of the interests and rights of the youth by establishing the relevant legislation and implementing target programmes. The “Support to political parties, non-governmental organisations, trade unions” programme funded by the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia provides for allocations by non-governmental organisations for the implementation of events and educational programmes for the youth which are provided on a competitive basis, in accordance with Decree No NH-118-N of the President of the Republic of Armenia of 19 May 2008 “On establishing the procedure for allocating the financial means allotted to the Office to the President of the Republic of Armenia from the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia to non-governmental organisations as grants”. With a view to developing the creative potential of the youth, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia provides support to the “I am” Youth Film Festival, ensures the participation of creative young Armenians in the prestigious international festivals, competitions, shows and trainings abroad (Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland). Attaching great importance to the preservation of the Armenian classical music, as well as the traditions of performing art, in 2005 the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia was founded in Armenia where young and talented musicians came together, ensuring the acceptance of the music-loving public and a world-wide recognition. A number of target programmes have been implemented on international and state levels. For the purpose of ensuring the development and an adequate succession of the opera, the state competition for soloists was held and 47 young male and female singers participated in it. In the field of dramatic art, the programmes have been implemented having regard to the proportionality and involvement of the creative development of the field (youth, anniversary, classical Armenian and modern dramaturgy, marz theatres). The process of funding and expanding the implementation of festivals which were held in previous years and have become traditional, has been ongoing, in particular, a few festivals have also been held, namely “Art-Fest” 1st Youth Open Festival and “Young Directors” 8th Festival.

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