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National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)
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In order to ensure the participation of children in the cultural life of the country, the Theater Department of INBAL (CNT, Coordinacion Nacional de Teatro) presents annually the "Grand Theater Marathon for boys, girls and youth". The 12th edition in 2019 40 functions, 6 workshops and a panel discussion were presented; a total of 9,686 attendees were registered.
In the same vein, the CNT carries out performances focused on the attention of children, on the early childhood audience, and also workshops of theater appreciation for visually impaired children.
In addition, the CNT develops the School Theater programs in Mexico City and the National School Theater Program in the States which brings theater performances to elementary schools around the country.
Furthermore, the CNT organizes training workshops for teachers and students within the framework of the School Theater Program in Mexico City and conducts, in collaboration with schools of the Mexico City, the High School Theater Show in which students of this level have the opportunity to present performances made by them and their teachers, in a school context.
Moreover, the Theater Department integrates also plays inspired by the cosmovision of the indigenous cultures. Within the framework of the Theater Program for Adults, works related to themes of Indigenous communities and languages have been presented such as "Todos Santos", "Ohtli", "Andares" and "Siuatl de huidas, guerrillas y fandangos".
Regarding job creation and entrepreneurship promotion policies, 50 theater projects were awarded with the fiscal stimulus EFIARTES.

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