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The provision of grants by government arts agencies is generally "technology-neutral", which means that it is possible to seek support for activities and projects involving digital technology. However, none of the arts agencies have special forms of support specifically aimed solely at the digital field, or for the digitalisation of analogue material. For example, the Swedish Arts Council has provided development support within the cultural collaboration model for regional development projects focusing on the digital area, and support within ordinary grant schemes, for example for independent operators in visual art and design, music (music publishing support is technology-neutral) and the performing arts, cultural magazines (incl. support for digital cultural magazines), and literature (literature support is technology-neutral). The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (including Kulturbryggan, which also awards grants) and the Swedish Performing Arts Agency also support projects involving digital technology. Elektronmusikstudion, the centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound art under the Swedish Performing Arts Agency, is another example. Artists and cultural organisations that receive scholarships, operational support or project support choose their own technology. Ordinary support systems are thus also important in the digital field.

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