Supporting the literary and scholarly production on child and youth culture in Palestine

Tamer Institute for Community Education
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Tamer Institute accumulated its experiences in the past years as a motivated force to achieve social change and free and safe Palestinian learning society, it has been essentially encouraging and deepening environments within the society where learning of its members can lead to the whole society’s productivity of its own benefit; whether the production yields culturally or economically. Supporting the literary and scholarly production on child culture in Palestine program has encouraged a movement of producers, writers and illustrators of books, distributors, and eventually a reading community, which has the basis for a movement of literary critic in Palestine. Linkage to external publishing and reading promotion initiatives to promote Tamer’s experience has helped furnish the Arab experience of children’s literature too. This project aimed to elevate and display the Palestinian creativity and heritage and bring the Palestinian creative models into the mainstream; raise cultural awareness and knowledge about Palestinian artists, writers, thinkers and pioneers; build up bridges of communications and interaction between a group of young Palestinian artists and writers coming from different districts (cities, villages and refugee camps) with a group of prominent Palestinian intellectuals, to provide them with opportunities to produce children stories.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
1. Visual art culture for children and adolescents is increased 2. Artists and workers in the field of literary and visual art have more opportunities to produce creative works 3. The abilities and awareness of the librarians, supervisors, and teachers of Palestinian art and history are developed 4. The criticism movement in the field of both children’s and adolescent literature is enhanced. 5. First pioneer conference regarding “The Development of Criticism Approaches in Arabic Children Literature” in the Arab Region.
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