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Bosnia y Herzegovina
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Through a Public Calls for cultural institutions, associations and NGO sector, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports has been supporting programs and projects of particular significance for culture and cultural heritage of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the criteria for selection of projects is a regional and national representation. This Ministry has been supporting cultural programs and projects of national minorities and religious communities and therefore directly contributes to the implementation of the Convention2005. Very important projects for this Ministry are projects which are recognizing the importance of cultural diversity to social and economic development of the Federation of BiH.

In the 2013-2016 period the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports has co-financed more than 500 projects and programmes of public needs in 9 areas:  fine arts, theatre, music, literature and publishing, film, manifestations and festivals, cultural and artistic amateurism, crafts, cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) and the amount of BAM 10.730.000,00 was earmarked from the Budget. Transfer for the reconstruction of cultural and architectural heritage in the 2013-2016 period amounted to 3.280.000,00 BAM, while the Transfer for the culture of significance for Federation BiH amounted to 6.110.000,00 BAM. The Transfer for associations of citizens and organizations in the field of culture in the same period amounted to 1.340.000,00 BAM.

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If we summarize the public calls from the perspective of the entire cultural production, as well as the size of the population of the Federation of BiH, it represents a form of public financial support for a large share of cultural projects. An approved project may be cofinanced through the public call up to 50% - 80 % of the amount of total funds necessary for its realization. In case of projects of special importance for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they may be co-financed in an amount higher that the stated one. Very important is to not forget that 10 cantonal ministries have their own budgets and public-calls for co-financing cultural and artistic projects.

This measure fosters realization of the set goals which, among other, include balanced territorial development of culture and creation of conditions for realization and development of all areas of cultural and artistic creations, but also to protect and promote diversity of cultural expressions differentiated according to areas of the public calls. This form of regular annual support to cultural and artistic creation is in the spirit of measures for protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions provided for in the Convention, under Article 6 paragraph 2 items d, e and g.

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