Support for projects of cultural and artistic creation in the RS

Bosnia y Herzegovina
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Projects of cultural and artistic creation are co-financed through an open competition pursuant to the Rulebook on co-financing public needs in culture of Republika Srpska (Official Gazette of RS, 110/13), which sets forth the procedure of selection and co-financing of projects, requirements, general and specific criteria, and the method of monitoring of their intended use. The Ministry uses an open competition, which is announced at least once a year, to allocate funds for quality projects which contribute to development and presentation of art and culture, promotion of cultural diversity and mobility of artists and arts, in the following areas of artistic creation: film, theatrical production and theatre festivals, publication of books, literary events, visual and applied arts, design and architecture, music and musical and dramatic activity. By means of an open competition, the ministry provides support for the most important international festivals and events, exhibitions, concerts and performances.

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