Support for the preparation of regional policies on the cultural and creative industries through specific educational activities

Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

Two core educational activities have been designed for policymakers in territorial self-government to help them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to draft strategic documents specifically focussing on regional and local CCI development. The positive benefit of these measures will include not only the increase in their professional competence but also their increased awareness of the positive benefits of CCI for sustainable regional development and the establishment of interregional cooperation.
Elaboration of the methodology involves the following activities:
- preparation phase: the collection of relevant accessible information from various sources, focussing on examples of good practice from other regions/states that can be applied in the conditions in Slovakia (to be carried out through secondary information gathering)
- working group: a working group on the issue will be established from key actors in the CCI field in Slovakia (e.g. policymakers on the national, regional and local levels, specialists and representatives of sectoral associations, education and research institutions)
- methodology: a comprehensive document (a unified methodology for the effective development of regional/local CCI policies) that describes all the processes relevant to the preparation of regional and local CCI policies with an emphasis on understanding the special character of the creative ecosystem, the needs of actors in this area and the priorities for sustainable development in the territory to which the policy applies. The methodology will be made up of several chapters focussing on specific steps in regional/local policymaking. The methodology will also include recommendations for future measures and activities based on examples of good practice. It will also provide information on opportunities to use financial and non-financial support instruments as a potential way to provide for CCI activities planned on the regional and local level. The final output will be the product of participative processes involving members of the working group including representatives of the academic community.
- final workshops: their aim is to present the preliminary results to stakeholders and facilitate discussion with them so that their comments can be taken into account and thus contribute to better acceptance of the resulting document by its future users.
After elaboration of the methodology (expected to take 12-18 months), there will be at least 3 regional workshops aimed at familiarising the target group with the project output and stimulating interest in the issue. The workshops will focus mainly on the following issues:
* presentation of the unified methodology for the effective development of regional/local CCI support policies
* presentation of inspirational examples of good practice
* provision of information on the tools available for financial and non-financial support of CCIs.
The workshops will also gather feedback and comments on the proposed methodology that will be considered in preparing the final draft.
The target groups of both activities (the future users of the methodology and the workshop participants) are mainly regional and local policymakers in the Slovak Republic and actors in the CCIs on the regional/local levels.
The document will be completed in 2021 and then published on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, where it will be available to the public. It is also intended that, if necessary, personal consultation will be arranged between potential actors and specialists.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

The measure concerned was approved as part of the Action Plan for the CREADIS3 project at the end of 2019 and at present the methodology is being elaborated. The results will become apparent after its publication in mid-2021.

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