Support for cultural projects of national minority NGOs

Objetivos clave de la medida:

There are more than 300 national minority NGOs carrying out culturai activities in Lithuania. Ta
faster the culturai identity of national minorities and to support the diversity of culturai
expressions, in 2011 the Ministry of Culture introduced a measure to support projects by national
minority NGOs. The competition focuses on projects which promote dissemination of the culture of national minorities both in Lithuania and abroad, promotes culturai activities of children and
youth from national minorities, aims to preserve the culturai heritage of national minorities,
fights national and culturai discrimination, contributes to integrating the Roma national minority
and organises Saturday and Sunday schools activities of national minorities. A total of 99
projects valued at LTL 270,000 were supported in 2011.
The Ministry of Culture introduced this measure and is responsible for its implementation. It is
worth mentioning that this measure is not the only source of support for projects of national
minority NGOs administrated by the Ministry of Culture. The main support body for cultural
projects - Culture Support Foundation also funds national minority projects and in 2011
allocated LTL 236,000 for this purpose.