Support for Civil Society

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Unit for Civil Society
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

Unit for Civil Society grants multiannual financial support to appr 80 mainly Finnish but also international civil society organisations. Organisations can apply funding according to their own strategic priorities as long as the programs and projects contribute to the SDGs and Finnish development priorities (1. Strengthening the status and rights of women and girls 2. Strengthening the economic base of developing countries and creating jobs 3. Education, well-functioning societies and democracy and 4. Climate change and natural resources). There are some organizations that receive grants for projects in different cultural fields in many partner countries (listed here below). In addition to these the Unit for Civil Society has support for civil society organisations' communications and global education projects, funding for these projects has been 700 000 annually.
a. Cinema/audiovisual arts:
i. Supporting a film school in Myanmar by Vikes funding 2017-2019 810000 euros and the other in Finland)
b. Design
c. Media arts
d. Music
e. Publishing:
i. Support for a tv channel in Somalia, funding 2016-2018 440 000 euros (By Vikes)
ii. Support for female journalism in Nepal and Tanzania, funding 2019 100 000 euros (by Vikes)
iii. Support for community radio in Tanzania, funding 2019 100 000 euros (By Vikes)
iv. Support for skills development for independent medias and CSOs in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, funding 2017-2019 370 000 euros (By Vikes)
v. Project to bring accessible information available at the public libraries in Tanzania to persons with disabilities, funding 2019 110 000 euros (By Finnish Library association)
vi. Support to strengthen the media literacy in Palestine, funding 2016-2019 245 000 euros (By The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation)
f. Visual arts
g. Performing arts
i. Training for performing arts in Senegal by the Finnish children and youth foundation, funding 2017-2019 710 000 euros
h. Cultural and creative sectors

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Objetivo(s) de la Convención 2005 de la UNESCO
Dominios culturales
Cine / Artes audiovisuales
Las artes escénicas
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