The support of Belarusian expatriates abroad

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Key actions to support Belarusian expatriates were carried out in the framework of the Belarusians of the World State Programme for 2013-2015.

In 2014, the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Belarusians Abroad", which defined the main principles, objectives and directions of the state policy regarding the relations with Belarusians abroad, became effective.

In order to inform Belarusian expatriates on socio-economic, socio-political and cultural life of modern Belarus, free distribution of the Holas Radzimy (The Voice of Motherland) newspaper and Belarus magazine was issued.

The Embassy of the Republic of Belarus together with the Belarusian Diaspora in the State of Israel has worked to incorporate the Belarus-3 satellite TV channel in the broadcast package of one of the cable operators.

On 12-14 September 2014, the Second Art Festival of Belarusians of the World was held. Belarusian expatriates from 18 countries attended the event.

Belarusians abroad received 220 sets of Belarusian traditional costumes, about 4 thousand copies of the Belarusian publications, items of decorative art, objects representing the Belarusian symbols, musical instruments, periodicals, textbooks for Belarusian schools.

Belarusian creative teams from several countries took part in the festivals and celebrations held in the Republic of Belarus. Belarusians, who study abroad took part in the Belarusian Language and Literature Olympiads conducted in the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian children living abroad were invited for a in the summer camps in Belarus.

About 100 people received Francysk Skaryna Medals and other state awards from the Ministry of Culture for their active work promoting Belarusian culture internationally.

Belarus assisted in organizing Sunday Belarusian language classes in some regions of Russia, Spain, France, and Italy. The Philological Faculty of the Belarusian State University collaborated with universities in Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Germany (undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange, business trip of the visiting experts on the Belarusian language and literature).