Structure of international cooperation (governance)

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The diversity of cultural expressions and dialogue among equals are important factors within the Federal Government’s cultural relations and education policy. In accordance with Germany’s multi-layered cultural policy, municipalities, local governments and Länder are also actively involved in international cooperation. Beyond the task of presenting Germany’s art and culture abroad, exchanges and networking with representatives of foreign cultures have been well established. Germany today is home to many artists who have roots not only in Germany but also in other cultures. They are important bridge builders who contribute to intercultural dialogue. Culture and development also play an increasing role in German development cooperation. The promotion of cultural programming in the fields of arts, music, theatre, dance, literature and film is an important aspect of cultural relations and education policy. In 2010, Federal Government-financed measures in this field accounted for a total of EUR 1.513 billion (USD
2 billion). The Federal Government provides funds for cultural projects from and within developing countries and for artists and producers of culture from these countries to participate in cultural events in Germany. In addition to supporting cultural exchanges and guest performances from German amateur and up-and-coming ensembles, tours, fairs, exhibitions, festivals and cultural educational projects, the last decade has seen increased support for the exchange of knowledge and experience, which lay the groundwork for long-term partnerships and networks. Furthermore, within the context of its international cooperation efforts, the Federal Government also supports producers of culture and cultural institutions in partner countries by helping to sustainably develop cultural infrastructure, promote the cultural and creative industries, and by providing expert advice on cultural policy. Political leaders view the increasing diversity of cultural expressions in Germany and internationally as a tremendous opportunity.