Strengthening of Human Capital for the Culture Sector

Ministry of Culture
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The Ministry of Culture leads a coordinated mission with the Ministries of Education and Labour to strengthen the human capital of the culture sector. Such interest responds to the need of the agents of the arts and creative industries sector, as well as the teachers of crafts, all of whom in most cases are empirical, to have their informal education recognized and qualified through training, as a way of promoting entrepreneurship, access to jobs and a transversal relationship with other economic sectors. Likewise, this policy initiative seeks to strengthen the country's training offer with the design of a Catalogue of Qualifications, in order to close the existing human capital gaps found in the creative economy. The strategic plan of the Human Capital Strengthening project applies to the three categories of the orange economy: Arts and Heritage, Creative Industries and Cultural Industries, and connects activities that include the contextualization of the sector, the analysis of human capital gaps, the recognition of previous learning, the design of qualifications, the National System of Arts and Cultural Education and Training and the Workshop Schools of Colombia.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

* General socioeconomic characterization of the arts, creative and cultural sectors
* Specific socioeconomic characterization of Publishing, Audiovisual industry, Advertising and Dance
* Characterization of cultural heritage
* Analysis of the educational offer related to the arts, creative and cultural sectors
* Participation in the construction of the Unified Classification of Occupations of Colombia, led by the Ministry of Labour, DANE and SENA.
* Identification of Human Capital Gaps for Dance and Publishing
* Design of qualifications for: Artistic and special effects makeup, sound design, lighting in the performing and audiovisual arts, circus arts, costume design, costume design assistant, design and coordination of scenery and props, scenery and props assistant, dance, choreographic direction and dance training, dance interpretation, carpentry of Ribera, reinforcement of rammed earth buildings, traditional cuisine, literary production, animation and promotion of reading and narration.
* Verification and proposal for the definition of the Qualification Areas for the culture sector.
* Inter-administrative Agreement No. 792 of the year 2018: between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture, for the strengthening of human capital in the culture sector, to contribute to closing gaps in human capital, improving the quality and relevance of the educational offer and the recognition of the learning acquired throughout life.
* Inter-Administrative Agreement No. 586 (2018) of the Ministry of Labour and No. 2972 of the Ministry of Culture, to promote decent work and the promotion of opportunities in the creative and culture sector in order to develop and foster the potential of the creative and cultural economy.
* Institutional strengthening of the Workshop Schools of Colombia: Curricular adjustment of the programs ensuring the focus on the trades of each region; creation and implementation of the Quality Process Manual to strengthen administrative and academic management; linking knowledgeable teachers of the crafts with the training programs.
* Strengthening of the National System of Arts and Cultural Training through Objective 3 (Improve and qualify arts and cultural training) of the "Pact for the protection and promotion of our culture and development of the orange economy and creativity" from the National Development Plan 2018 - 2022.

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Ministry of National Education
Public Sector
Ministry of Labour National
Public Sector
Bogotá Chamber of Commerce
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
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