Strengthening the capacity of storytellers to document, preserve and share the African stories through documentaries; Seminars and workshops. Empowerment of Victims Gender Bases Violence. Support Women Full Participation inclusive

African International Documentary Festival Foundation
Association of Nigerian Authors
Female Artists Association of Nigeria
The Gender Council
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
1. The African International Documentary Festival Foundation training is geared towards developing young talented individual in storytelling, social media, strategies, writing, narrating and documentary production in changing the African narrative positively. 50 participants were in attendance, selected from the 36 states of the federation and FCT held in Abuja. It was gender balanced; 2. Association of Nigerian Authors has through the years brought members together in workshops, seminars, conference, environments to disseminate and document various aspect of every day lives.ANA has impacted their audience with these experiences through publication of their individual writings. 3. Since 2017, the female Artists Association of Nigeria has collaborated with public and private sector to end violence against women and children through workshops, art exhibitions, seminars, art talk and art walk with the American embassy, embassy, British High Commission and Institute France etc. 4. The Gender Council is a trans led organization that advocates for the rights of Nigerian trans-intersex and gender non binary people. It has worked on visibility of trans, intersex and gender non binary through organization of symposiums, workshops and seminars. Gender Council promotes not just the Nigerian Culture, but African culture as well working towards reconciliation of gender identity, spirituality and culture.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
• AFIDFF were able to empower 50 individuals from the 36 states of the federation and FCT in media writing, editing, narrating and documentary production. Documentaries produced by the participants were shared across the globe through different media platforms on Africa’s rich cultural heritage and history. • An E-commerce platform was created for the promotion of Africa’s cultural products such as pottery, Ivory, calabash making, basketary etc. Creation of information and cultural Hub and have attracted over 2 million views on the platform. • Compliance, whereby the Collective Management started working closely with the organization to implement all collectables. • ANA has helped create better integration and understanding of our differences as people and better tolerance of each other shortcomings and strengths. • Female Artists Association of Nigeria has a good number of 50 women and 50 children in IDP camps they have empowered through skills learning acquisition. Participants has benefited from our Art seminars, workshops, exhibitions and therapy giving them a voice and educating them on their rights. • The Gender Council sponsored the Miss Trans Global Nigerian pageant which was the first in Nigeria. Creation of social media recognition for Nigerian transgender community.
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