Strengthening of arts and culture education: National System of Arts and Culture Education and Training – SINEFAC

Ministry of Culture / Directorate of Arts
Ministry of National Education / Subdirectorate of Referents
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The political perspective of SINEFAC is under construction, through the implementation of local participation tables of the arts and cultural education sector.

The process began in 2017 in joint meetings of the Ministries of Culture and National Education. In 2018, the inter-ministerial relationship was formalized through the signing of Agreement 792/18. In the action plan it was agreed to advance in the strengthening of arts and cultural education under the strategy of a national system.

To date, progress has been made in the preparation of a first SINEFAC document.

The System aims to impact arts education at all levels and modalities (formal, non-formal, education for work and human development -ETDH- and informal), from early childhood education to post-graduate education.

The plan on is to move from the configuration of local subsystems (municipal, departmental and regional) to a national system.
This requires the formulation of an Arts and Culture Education and Training policy.
The above is based on:

* National Development Plan: 'A Pact for Colombia, A Pact for Equity'.
* Recommendations of the Mission of Wise Men in the Focus of Cultural and Creative Industries.
* Sustainable Development Goals
* General Law of Culture and General Law of Education
* National Ten-Year Plan for Education
* UNESCO Road Map for Arts Education

We understand by SINEFAC: "... the set of relationships between agents and actors of an institutional and private order; public, private or mixed; of norms, resources (physical, financial and other), policies, programs, projects, plans and practices, which have or have a specific and recognizable role in the field of arts and culture education and training, at all levels and in all modalities of education".

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Initial structuring document of the National System of Arts and Culture Education and Training,
2019-2022 Action Plan.

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Ministry of National Education
Public Sector
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