Strategy for the management of sustainable orange economy ventures

INNpulsa Colombia
Directorate of Productivity and Competitivity– MinCIT
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
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Within the framework of the comprehensive orange economy policy, entrepreneurship in creativity and culture must consider the various stages that accompany the process of organizational development. The entrepreneur is not viewed only as someone who is in the creation stage of their organization or company. On the contrary, this universe includes activities that are carried out as part of the conception of the company, its foundation, consolidation, escalation, international reach and conception of new products.

This is why the strategy for the management of sustainable Orange economy ventures is based on different technical assistance, investment and market reach programs that facilitate every step for cultural and creative entrepreneurs in the country. Among these programs we find: I) Capital Orange Programme, a fund destined to support the growth of Ventures in the creative and cultural industries by providing financing in order to catapult the development of products or services that meet the needs of the market; II) Mega-i Naranja, an initiative that promotes the identification and structuring of new opportunities adjacent to or outside the "core business" of medium and large companies. "; III) Aldea Naranja (Orange Village), a programme that seeks to build a community where innovative and high-impact entrepreneurs have the opportunity to overcome the most difficult barriers to growth through specialized advisory services and, finally, IV) Spaces for promoting entrepreneurial culture and business relationships like the Emprendeton Naranja and the festivals of cultural and creative entrepreneurship (like Heroes Fest and Colombia 4.0) that take place all throughout the country.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

In 2019, iNNpulsa Colombia, in alliance with MinTIC and the Bogota District Secretariat for Economic Development, benefited 109 ventures through the Aldea Programme (access keys to specialized services). The main services demanded by orange ventures are those related to adjusting and refining their business model (36%) and those related to the design and execution of business strategies (30%). Additionally, 22 entrepreneurs, located in Barranquilla, Bogota, Bucaramanga, Popayan and Sincelejo, were financed with orange capital to the tune of $ 2,164 million pesos.

21 medium and large Orange economy companies have received top-level advice through the Mega i Programme in order to identify and structure at least two projects (per company) for the generation of new business opportunities.

iNNpulsa Colombia and MinTIC held four meetings on entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformation during 2019 (Heroes Fest - Colombia 4.0 alliance). More than 33,000 attendees participated in the cities of Bogota, Barranquilla, Pereira and Yopal. Additionally, between January 2019 and January 2020, three Emprendeton sessions were held in Valledupar, Mocoa and Cali with the participation of 275 people. This initiative seeks to raise awareness and transfer tools around business topics (business model, intellectual property, brand valuation, financial marketing structure, among others) of the cultural and creative sector for the growth of their businesses.

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