Stimulate the development of artistic and literary creation.

The Ministry of Culture
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The measure strengthens the participation of the artistic and literary avant-garde in the institutions' advisory and decision-making bodies responsible for implementing the state's cultural policy. It systematizes the follow-up to the agreements derived from Congresses, National Councils and Conferences of the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba, the Hermanos Saiz Association and the National Trade Union of Cultural Workers, respectively. It also promotes the active participation of these CSOs in the main cultural decisions adopted in the institutional system. It is fundamentally focused on maintaining and deepening the dialogue with creators and their relationship with the country's cultural policy, in defense of identity and sovereignty against external hegemonic and globalizing models. This measure constitutes a priority work objective of the Ministry's Cultural Development Program.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Work has been done systematically to satisfy the interests and concerns expressed by artists indifferent institutional and government media and in the association spaces of civil society. Dialogue with artists and writers was strengthened as a result of the agreements reached at the UNEAC Congresses held during the period. Likewise, we are working together with the Hermanos Saiz Association in order to concretize, from a national and territorial approach, the proposals made by young people during the 3rd AHS Congress held in 2018, all of which is concretized in the work of the institutions designated to design and execute the cultural policy in all manifestations of art.

There is a granting system of National Awards, in recognition of the artistic work of creators in all manifestations, established from the set of Institutes and Councils that govern the design and implementation of policies in each area. Together with these Awards, which represent the maximum category, there are others for different concepts for each artistic manifestation at a national and territorial level.

A "Procedure for the funding allocation in CUP (Cuban Peso) and CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) for non-commercial cultural projects, to be executed by writers, artists and groups of creators" was established, endorsed by Resolution 22 of July 19, 2016 of the Ministry of Culture, "which aims to improve the mechanisms and sources for the funding allocation directly to non-commercial cultural projects, to be executed by writers, artists and groups of creators to encourage the commissioning of works by state institutions", according to Article 1 of that Resolution.

In this sense, the political will of the state in the establishment of mechanisms like this one to encourage the artistic creation, is reflected in the pronouncement at government level of the competent bodies that contribute to its execution, through the definition of other legal instruments such as Agreement 7938 of the Council of Ministers, of 22 June 2016, authorizes the delivery of funding in CUP and CUC, directly for cultural projects, without commercial purposes, to be executed by writers, artists and groups of creators, and Resolution 252 of 18 July 2016 of the Minister of Finance and Prices, which approves the "financial procedure and tax adjustments for the delivery of financial resources to writers, artists and groups of creators, who execute cultural projects without commercial purposes."

In the last four years the number of creative projects supported by the mechanism of direct funding to artists and writers has increased progressively. (Annex 1).
In the literary field, the Dulce Maria Loynaz Center grants DADOR and Pinos Nuevos scholarships for the literary creation.
In the visual and plastic arts, the National Council of Plastic Arts (CNAP) grants six scholarships a year, four of them for creation, one for curatorship and one for research, as well as a seventh one offered in conjunction with the City Historian's Office, aimed at the realization of works in ceramics.
The AHS has grants for creation and research in the different manifestations, aimed at stimulating the production in the literature of the novel, and child and youth poetry; in audiovisuals in relation to the elaboration and development of scripts, as well as fiction and critical documentaries and socio-cultural research. Together with other institutions, it grants scholarships for research and criticism, and for creation in plastic and visual arts, with the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales EGREM, for musical creation in different genres of popular and traditional music, with the Instituto Cubano de la Musica (ICM), specifically with the record label, Producciones Colibri, for the creation of academic and electroacoustic musical pieces; with the Empresa de Promociones Artisticas y Literarias Artex S.A, the label BisMusic, and scholarships for vocal and instrumental performance.
The call for national competitions, focused on young creators, have been another space to identify and promote new talents and stimulate artistic and literary production.
In 2019, the 21st annual edition of the Young Jazz Players Contest (JOJAZZ) was held, with the participation of students and graduates from the artistic education system from all the provinces. In this year, for the first time, four large-format groups from the Conservatoires of the country participated: Holguin, Camaguey, Pinar del Rio, and La Habana. This contest generates possibilities of promotion and development of young people in this genre, in particular, and in the manifestation of music in general, and it constitutes an example of the efforts made by the institutions.
The Antonio Lloga in Memoriam Radio Joven Workshop and Contest, which is being held in the city of Santiago de Cuba, with the joint support of the AHS, the Provincial Authority of Culture of the territory and the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, encourages the creation in the media and is -already inits29th annual edition-an example of the scope and diversity of the options to implement this measure.
The National Contest of Experiences, jointly developed by the National Council of Culture Houses (CNCC), the Center of Exchange and Community Reference-Initiative (CIERIC) and the Office of Community Culture of the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), was established in one of the fundamental spaces of the cultural platform for the work towards socialization and stimulation of the cultural management processes in the communities, coordinated with other institutions and organizations of the Cuban civil society. This contest has made possible the training of managers and management groups of community socio-cultural projects in the different regions of the country. Among the projects that have been highlighted in this space are: "Los yayaberitos", in Sancti Spiritus, "Color Miel", in Santa Clara, and "Aires de Bahia" and "Mezclarte" in Camaguey.
Ina timely manner, the institutions assess the funding of scholarships to study abroad to improve the development and professional performance of artists in areas of interest.
In addition, other alternatives have been identified to the international technological development and to generate new opportunities for creation, such as the development of digital projects for the edition and publication of works by Cuban authors.

Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 

406,309.51 USD

Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Institutions of the culture system
Public Sector
The Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
The Hermanos Saíz Association
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
The National Trade Union of Cultural Workers
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
If yes, what are the main conclusions/recommendations?: 

Continue strengthening the spaces and mechanisms created to stimulate artistic and literary creation. Encourage the promotion and dissemination of its characteristics in order to expand its framework for action. Achieving greater coordination among the institutions of the culture system, CSOs and other entities in the country, in order to comply with the principles of the cultural policy and the priorities of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba.

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