SCRIPTMARKET.PRO - networking for the young film industry

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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
SCRIPTMARKET.PRO is an event within the framework of the 13th Polish National Film Meetings KAMERALNE LATO in Radom, designed for the young audiovisual industry, which will be an important platform for the Polish film market for information exchange and a platform for establishing cooperation in the production and co-production of full-length feature films, with particular emphasis on microbudget projects implemented by young directors and creative producers. The goal of the task will be to create a young film industry the opportunity to increase the production and distribution potential of the films and to increase the presence of young filmmakers in cinemas. The project assumes the creation of favorable conditions for the exchange of knowledge, contacts, experiences and good practices between young screenwriters, directors, producers and representatives of institutions financing film production, which will serve to build the competences necessary to plan joint actions. Among the many industry events implemented in Poland, there is no event that would be a place dedicated to the Polish audiovisual industry, where there would be a comprehensive exchange of thoughts and experiences from the point of view of the Polish market, and implementation of activities conducive to cooperation in future productions and co-productions. Events during which foreign sales agents and selectors of major global festivals are sought are already in existence. There is a lack of space where the creator, producer and distributor meet in the pleasant atmosphere of a summer film event, during the creative process, between the creation of the concept of the film and sending the finished product for sale or distribution. The "SCRIPTMARKET.PRO - networking of the young film industry" project is to be just such an event, addressed to screenwriters, directors and young creative producers who are just entering the market. Locating this type of event in a place near Warsaw, which is the largest center of the film industry, but not directly in the crowded capital will allow you to get the effect of a free, summer industry and education meeting, allowing professionally active project participants to break away from their daily duties and devote to creative exchange of thoughts and experiences. Both the place and date of the event will be conducive to achieving the attendance assumed in the project. Due to the state of the epidemic in 2020 in Poland, the project will undergo appropriate program and organizational modifications related to the need to comply with current guidelines on epidemiological safety. The organizers' intention is to provide the recipients of the task with the opportunity to safely participate in all planned program events, including making the program offer available via internet broadcasts. The planned events will be prepared in accordance with applicable sanitary restrictions, combining the traditional organizational form with online lectures, webinars and online consultations conducted by experienced specialists in the film market. The organizers will adapt the form of operation to the applicable administrative requirements and sanitary regime and will make the programming offer available via the Internet, which will allow - and perhaps even significantly increase - the number of final recipients of the task.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The SCRIPTMARKET.PRO project is a kind of continuation of the project that the FILMFORUM Association initiated a year ago also at the festival in Radom. The formula was very well received by young filmmakers who often had the opportunity to first meet professionals who shared their knowledge. Participants at the Festival clearly declared their willingness to participate in such events more often, which also bear some distinction between novices and recognized experts, to which access for novice filmmakers is often very limited. The SCRIPTMARKET.PRO project program is also deliberately constructed in such a way as to best answer the questions of young creators who openly declare what the deficits are in existing events. Under the "SCRIPTMARKET.PRO - networking of the young film industry" project, program events such as ready film projects pitchings or script pitchings will be prepared, for which recruitment is carried out and enjoys great interest, which only confirms the great interest of young artists in this form of meetings and what hence own professional development.
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