Regulation of Law No. 29073: Craftsman's Law and the Development of Artisan Activity

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru
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Law for Artisan and Development of Craft Activity has main objective to regulate the sustainable development, protection and promotion of the craft, preserving craftsmanship tradition in all its expressions of each place, disseminating and promoting techniques and procedures including quality, representativeness, tradition, cultural value and utility. Promoting awareness among the population about its economic, social and cultural importance, and recognize mainly the craftsman as developer of identity and cultural traditions.
This regulation was promulgated on March 17, 2010.

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This regulation is in process of implementation by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru (MINCETUR), in accordance with paragraph 8, Article 118 of the Constitution of Peru and the Law Nº 27790 - Law on Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, lead agency for tourism and craftwork; promotion, guidance and regulation of craft activity.

The Law N º 29073, Law for Artisan and Development of Craft Activity was promulgated first. Later through the Supreme Decree 001-2008-MINCETUR, the Regulations of the National Register of Artisan and the National Council for the Artisan Promotion, created by Articles 12º and 30º of the Law No. 29073, which allowed to collect experience regarding these issues. In this context, there is necessity to standardize various aspects of craft activity regulated by Law No. 29073, so we proceeded to its regulation.

Currently MINCETUR has developed a Website about Information System for the Promotion and Development of the artisan to share all necessary information on artisan aspects from commercial perspective. Furthermore, this system works with the National Directory of Artisans which has information of all Peruvian artisans registered on the National Register of Artisan either as individual artisans, craft enterprises or artisan associations.

Information system website for promoting and development of the artisan:

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure: This information will be complemented with details in a future report. The main reason why we do not have specific information of the process of implementation of this measure is due to the short time for completion of the report.

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