Reforming the legal framework in the field of Copyright.

Ministry of Culture, The Albanian Office for Copyright. Inspection bodies.
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The purpose of preparing a new "Copyright Law and Other Related Rights" is to ensure a better level of protection for authors, artists, and copyright holders in general, as well as guaranteeing a favorable environment for guaranteeing respect for these rights, fully guaranteeing the balance between the rights of private rights holders and the public interest as well as the appropriate business climate.

This law aims to improve the following areas:

• Better protection of Copyright and Other Related Rights;

• Harmonization of copyright and related rights legislation, with the EU acquis in this area, in order to guarantee the protection and respect of copyright and other related rights in The same level as that of the European Union countries, an obligation deriving from Article 73 of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

• Strengthening and intensifying punitive, controlling and monitoring measures and setting up "filters" for more effective measures for importers, exporters, producers, users, or users of cultural, artistic and scientific works;

Alcance de la medida:
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Característica principal de la medida:

The 2012 bill was prepared by the Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Implementation Capacities of the Albanian Copyright Office, EuropeAid / 129309 / C / SER / A, by experts Mr. Mihaly Fiscor, Mr. Vittorio Ragonezi and Mr. Andreas Lukas. In 2014, it has been elaborated by a working group with officials of the Ministry of Culture and the Albanian Copyright Office.

This law considers and provides solutions in meeting these priorities:

-Implementation of new fair pay schemes (works created under the terms of the labor contract, fees or tariffs of special equipment / equipment which serve for the reproduction of artistic, scientific or literary works, the right of public lending, the use of phonograms, videograms etc.).

- Consider technological developments and diversity of forms of use of literary, artistic or scientific works in the digital era and guarantee regulatory mechanisms to prevent violations of rights holders on the one hand, and on the other hand the right of the public to be informed.

- Guarantee and provision of legal certainty, which any artist, author or other holder of related rights will be rewarded for their works, to be used in the territory of the republic of Albania.

- Application of the voluntary copyright system by guaranteeing in this form the general principle of the Bern Convention - non-formal protection.


Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

The implementation of this measure aims to protect the rights of creators, Interpreters, performers and users of literary, artistic and scientific creations.

The adoption of this law is of particular importance also in the light of Article 73 of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, between the European Communities and their Member States, and the Republic of Albania, which specifically requires the protection of copyright in accordance with EU standards and announces a war on piracy in an effort to make it simpler and more practical to determine the responsibilities of copyright protection institutions.

This law provides mechanisms that establish a fair balance between the public interest to protect creators, and facilitate the procedures for users of works, to act on legal terms. It brings achievements such as: reorganization of the Copyright Office and the creation of the National Copyright Council .

 The law foresees the establishment of a unique desk, which provides speed, transparency and good management of revenue from the use of copyright works. Meanwhile, the public awareness campaign on the importance and respect of copyright in Albania continues.

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