The reading policy of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL)

Objetivos clave de la medida:

Since the Book is the first source for knowledge , the NCCAL is concerned with distributing publications and books to every reader. The most significant periodicals issued by the NCCAL are:

  1. ALAM Al – MarifaSeries: a monthly series that is concerned with translated books in different knowledge fields. The first edition was released in Jan 1978.
  2. Alam Al-FikrMagazine: a periodic magazine that is published evey three months and is concerned in spreading researches and studies.The first edition was released in April 1970.
  3. Ibdaat AlamiyaSeires: is published every two months and is concerned in literary translated texts. The first edition was released in Nov 1998.
  4. Al Masrah Al Aalami: is published every two months which is concerned in international plays. The first edition was released in Oct 1969.
  5. AL Thaqafa Al AalamiyaMagazine: is an intellectual, cultural and art magazine that is published every two months. The first edition was released in April 1981.
  6. Funoon Magazine: is a monthly magazine that is concerned in Cinema, theatre, music, formative arts, architecture, photography, archeology and museums. The first edition was released in 2001.

The NCCAL encourages Kuwaiti writers and artists, through supporting and publishing their creative literary works, and providing literary leave for them in order to accomplish their cultural and literary works. The NCCAL announces annually for the following awards:

  • Plays competition Award
  • Kuwait Award for promotion of arts, literature, social and humansciences
  • Creative Students Award .

The NCCAL organizes annually Qurain Cultural Festival which lasts for three weeks and includes Arab and international intellectual, cultural, music, theatre, formative arts and poetic events, so it gives a good opportunity for culture and arts fans to meet great and famous international artists, authors and actors in Kuwait, in order to follow up the latest cultural and artistic creativeness.

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