Quoz Arts Fest

Emiratos Arabes Unidos
Alserkal Avenue
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Quoz Arts Fest, organized by Alserkal Avenue, is the Middle East’s biggest annual arts and culture festival taking place across the creative industrial neighborhood of Al Quoz, Dubai. Since 2012, the two-day festival of arts and culture is a cultural movement led by leading thinkers and makers from the realms of art, design, music and performance in the UAE and beyond. Free and open to the public, Quoz Arts Fest showcases the breadth and depth of creativity across the arts that can be found in Al Quoz, encompassing art exhibitions, live music, contemporary dance performances, culinary experiences, outdoor art installations, film screenings, and educational seminars, among other interactive activities for a wide range of audiences, including families. Over the years, the Festival has brought artists, cultural practitioners and performers from around the world to Dubai, promoting cultural exchange and dialogue. Program collaborations with: Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Block Universe, Asia Contemporary Art Week Quoz Arts offers engaging programming for all ages from young children and young adults to established arts and culture enthusiasts.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
2020 • Attendance: 38,000 • Social media reach: 5,026,205 2019 • Attendance: 18,000 • Social media reach: 2,786,543 2018 • Attendance: 17,000 2017 • Attendance: 18,000 2016 • Attendance: 15,000 From its inception as a celebration of the creativity that finds its home in Al Quoz, an industrial area in the heart of Dubai, Quoz Arts Fest has become a mainstay on the annual Dubai calendar. The early iterations of the event sought to introduce local audiences to creative concepts and create connections in the neighborhood by removing the barrier of access. Over the years, the diverse and robust program has welcomed local, regional and international talents for activations that have ranged from a celebration of dance and performance to highlighting sustainability efforts in the UAE. Year on year, the program and the audience have grown together, with programming that targets the broad range of demographics that make the UAE unique. The 2020 edition of the fair welcomed 40,000 visitors over two days and offered close to 200 activations.
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