Promotion of Art

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In the area of the institutional promotion of professional art and library culture, the Ministry ensures the performance of state administration in compliance with the generally binding legal regulations and international conventions in the sector of art and participates in creating conditions for the development and presentation of culture in all areas of professional art and library culture.

Currently, 14 organizations in the area of professional art and library culture are fully funded from and receive contributions from the State Budget in the competence of the Ministry as promoter (theatres, musical ensembles and information-documentation centres with national competence as a rule). They include: Bibiana – international house of art for children, the Slovak National Theatre, the Nová scéna Theatre, the Košice State Theatre, the Banská Bystrica State Opera House, the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, the Košice State Philharmonic Orchestra, the Žilina State Chamber Orchestra, the Theatre Institute, the Literary Information Centre, the Musical Centre, the Slovak Centre of Design, the Lúčnica art ensemble and the Slovenský ľudový umelecký kolektív (SĽUK) (Slovak Folk Art Ensemble). Each of the aforementioned institutions has its specific professional mission and at the same time provides cultural services to a wide circle of interested parties regardless of age, social status, political affiliation and faith, and including disadvantaged groups of the population (elderly citizens, children and youth, the disabled).

The aforementioned institutions in the field of art were founded pursuant to Act No. 523/2004 Coll. on the State Administration Budget Rules and on amendments and supplements to certain Acts as amended; some were founded directly by the law (for example Act No. 385/1997 Coll. Act on the Slovak National Theatre; Act No. 114/2000 Coll. Act on the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra). Each conducts its activities in compliance with its deed of incorporation within the intentions of the law. Their financing is ensured in the form of contracts.

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The system of subsidies of the Ministry is one of the key means for promoting contemporary art for non-government and non-state organizations operating in various areas of professional art.
In its Art Subsidy Programme in terms of the production and dissemination of works of art and their reflections and educational programme in culture, the Ministry supports projects in the sphere of professional art aimed at the public presentation or publication of art reflections, the publishing of periodical and non-periodical publications, theatre and musical productions and presentations, the implementation and public presentation of works of visual art, the release of audio and visual recordings, the implementation of cultural events, festivals, competitions and similar activities of national significance and the payment of membership fees in international organizations for applicants conducting their activities in the area of culture, as well as for the internal development of individual areas of culture and education through culture and art. The Ministry provides subsidies for these purposes within the following sub-programmes: Theatre and dance (professional cultural activities), Music art for non-government and non-state organizations operating in various areas of professional art.
The subsidy system was introduced through the modification of internal managing acts approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (Decree No. MK-3026/2008-10/11619 of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic of 26 August 2008 on the Provision of Subsidies within the Ministry Competence). Since 2011, the Ministry provides subsidies pursuant to Act No. 434/2010 on the Provision of Subsidies within the Ministry Competence which regulates the purpose, extent, method and conditions for the provision of these subsidies. The qualitative growth of professional art in all its areas and the sustainability of art life at the national and international levels constitutes the challenge in introducing the measure.
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