Promoting the cultural dimension of sustainable development – implementation of the Agenda 2030 in the Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture
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Prime Minister Juha Sipila's Government (2015-2019) actions to implement the Agenda 2030 included, amongst others, promotion and facilitation of access to art and culture (cf. key projects under "Emerging transversal issues"). The incumbent Government will report to the Parliament on the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in spring 2020.

According to PM Marin's Government Programme, "a dynamic cultural life has intrinsic value and as such it creates the foundation for a society where education and culture are highly regarded, strengthens democracy and reinforces the freedom of speech. Furthermore, the production and and service sectors in the arts, culture and creative industries are not only labour-intensive areas but they are also continually growing."

There are many ways to include cultural diversity in the framework of sustainable development, including the protection of intangible cultural heritage. An example mentioned in the Government Programme, is to ensure that the central government financial support to libraries is sufficient to allow the purchase of cultural works with limited circulation or material in languages other than those spoken in Finland (cf. support for cultural magazines under "Media diversity").

Furthermore, the Government Programme underlines, that the fundamental rights in Finland include the language and cultural rights of the Sami indigenous people that the state has undertaken to respect and promote.

To follow the forthcoming Government report, a specific road map for implementing the Agenda 2030 in Finland will also be drawn up. The Ministry of Education and Culture will be participate in the process.

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A comprehensive evaluation of Finland's sustainable development policy was concluded in 2019, see in English:
The evaluation shows that future policy should focus on climate change, environmental questions, consumption and increasing inequality. Increasing inequality has also been identified as a challenge in the Ministry of Education and Culture's Strategy for Cultural Policy 2025. Promoting participation in culture remains an important objective of Finland's cultural policy.

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