Programs (and Networking) of the Public and Municipal Libraries nationwide, to broaden the readership and a familiarity with new technologies

Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
Objetivos clave de la medida:

Enchancment of the readership and new technology familiarization

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Local, Regional, National
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Apart from the large number of municipal libraries throughout the country, there are also the National Library of Greece plus a further 46 public libraries.

Both municipal and public libraries are a powerful resource for the dissemination of knowledge, cultural development and social inclusion in local societies. They offer their services for free and address everybody without discrimination. Many of them run educational programs for children (in cooperation with local schools) and young people, lifelong learning and capacity building programs. Some of the libraries (public and municipal ones) have mobile units, in order to serve communities and schools that do not have direct access to a library.

Future Library emerged as a living community and constantly embraces new libraries and new cities. It is a rapidly growing network, which at the present moment consists of 140 public and municipal libraries with approximately 7,000 members. During the last 4 years, the Future Library organization has redesigned and re-equipped 8 libraries for children’s activities, refurbished and re-equipped the libraries in 10 cities with Media Labs, organized workshops, and implemented a wide project of staff training for librarians across Greece.  

 In collaboration with the Future Library, the National Library of Greece is reclaiming its leading role within the library ecosystem and is building the Greek Libraries Network (GLN), aiming to support libraries across the country to upgrade the services offered to Greek citizens.  

The first major program run by the National Library of Greece in the framework of the Greek Libraries Network is the “Summer Reading Campaign, which focuses on children and young adults, aiming to promote reading and creativity across the country. 

Best Practice: Veria Central Public Library is a model library that serves 60% of the city’s population and has 800 visitors per day. Its members can borrow more than just books: audiovisual material, books in Braille, e-books reader, tablets, etc.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Enchancment of the readership to youth and vulnerable groups

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