Programma Permanente Professionele Ontwikkeling (Programme for Permanent Professional Development, PPO-programme)

Países Bajos
Platform ACCT
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
The PPO-programme runs from 2020-2024 and has three main features: (1) Contributing to the costs of lifelong learning activities in order to stimulate these activities among professionals in the sector. (2) Promoting professional development as an instrument to increase the human capital and earning potential of the sector (both for workers, regardless of contract type, and cultural institutions), through insight in the use and impact of specific types of professional development for specific groups and through pilot projects to stimulate new forms of professional development where needed. (3) Realising structural change by initiating and facilitating collective agreements about the financing and encouragement professional development.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
The PPO-programme made contributions to the professional development of 1.191 workers in the sector in the first three months of the program.
Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 
Total sum in the period 2020-2024: USD 23.037.709 (EUR 19.000.000) Additionally a maximum of USD 4.850.044 (EUR 4.000.000) in 2021 to assist the sector during the COVID-19 crisis.
Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Name of partnerType of entity
Federatie Cultuur
Public Sector
Creatieve Coalitie
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
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