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Screen Directors Guild
Writers Guild of Ireland
Screen Producers Ireland
National Campaign for the Arts
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Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI)

Established in 2000, the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) is the representative body for directors involved in the Irish and international audiovisual industry. These include directors of feature films, fiction, animation documentary, television drama, short films, video art and commercials.

The guild has a number of core objectives designed to support Irish screen directors and promote Irish directors on a national and international scale.

These can be described as follows:

* To promote the economic and creative rights of screen directors and awareness of their role and status as artists.
* To represent the screen directors of Ireland nationally and internationally, promote awareness of their work and create a comprehensive resource, information and contact infrastructure.
* To encourage dialogue in the spirit of fairness, co-operation and clarity between film and arts organisations to encourage creative quality and diversity within audio-visual culture.

On behalf of its members, SDGI seeks to improve the working environment for directors which boosts productivity in the industry. SDGI represents the views of its members to relevant bodies in the audiovisual industry on a number of issues affecting directors and the independent film, television and animation sector.

The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland is a member of the European Federation of Directors Organisations (FERA), The International Federation of Directors Organisations (IFDO) and is affiliated to the International Affiliation of English Speaking Directors Organisations (IAESDO). SDGI receive funding from the Irish Film Board and the Arts Council.

The Writers Guild of Ireland (WGI)

The Writers Guild of Ireland (WGI) is the representative body in Ireland for writers for the stage, screen, radio and digital media. The Guild is an organisation run by writers for writers. Members are kept informed of news about the industry through their blog and fortnightly electronic newsletter, offer advice on contracts, organise talks and meetings, set up information sessions about issues of concern and lobby government agencies on matters pertaining to playwrights and screenwriters. WGI also liaise with writers organisations around the world to monitor new developments in the industry across the global arena.

Screen Producers Ireland (SPI)

Screen Producers Ireland (SPI) is a members organisation that promotes the growth and sustainability of a working environment conducive to a strong independent production sector. They strive to be an effective voice of independent film, television, animation and digital producers in Ireland by addressing the needs of the sector and using their knowledge and expertise to deliver a strong and sustainable position for their members. Their work includes;
* A focus on shaping an independent production industry that is comparable to best international standards.
* Encouraging state organisations charged with developing the industry to put in place development plans and policies for the sector to maximise potential.
* Support of the continuance of the Irish Film and Television production tax incentive, Section 481. Identify potential improvements to the scheme and pursue Government to deliver on stated commitments.
* Communicate and negotiate with industry stakeholders to include Broadcasters, Screen Ireland, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Government Departments and other relevant Irish and international organisations.
* Work to ensure that independent producers are provided with fair regulation across all broadcasting platforms.
* Develop good communications with relevant unions representing employees in Film & TV Drama, to deliver effective and competitive collective agreements.
* Host a broad range of industry seminars and events for members on current issues.

National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA)

The National Campaign for the Arts is a volunteer-led, grassroots movement that makes the case for the arts in Ireland. They work to ensure that the arts are on local and national government agendas and are recognised as a vital part of contemporary Irish life. Their work is continuous, and focuses on sectoral engagement, policy analysis and research, and advocacy. The group was established in 2009 and is made up of a Steering Group, a broader advisory group and working groups. The Steering Group is responsible for long-term strategy and its members focus on specific campaigns or research objectives.

Their core objectives are :
- To be a voice for the arts in Ireland, communicating the value of the arts and campaigning for continued and increased engagement with and investment in the arts
- To work in partnership with the arts community, political representatives and other stakeholders to ensure Ireland values those working in the arts, providing a fertile and supportive environment for artists
- To ensure that the arts make the fullest possible contribution to Irish society and its future
- To get Ireland off the bottom of the Arts and Culture Investment League. Have government commit to an investment 0.3% of GDP over the lifetime of the next government, taking us halfway to the European average

To achieve they aim to:
- Capture the value of the arts in Ireland, working hand in hand with the arts sector, artists, the public, and Government
- Work with others to build an evidence base that will inform policy and allow the arts to innovate and reach a wider audience
- Build a deeper understanding of the mutual values of the arts and education and seek achievable means to embed the arts in education, working closely with educational partners
- Ensure that everyone is Ireland can experience and participate in the arts

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