Pride of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport
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Pride of Saskatchewan: A Policy Where Culture, Commerce and Community Meet is a plan adopted in 2010 that encourages collaboration around common goals, guides decision-making and recognizes that culture is at the heart and soul of this great place we call Saskatchewan. It is a plan that makes culture an important part of government's priority of improving quality of life, building pride and sustaining economic growth.

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Pride of Saskatchewan sets out:
- a long-term vision that focuses on the economic and social benefits of culture;
- principles to guide the Province's collective actions;
- goals for working together to foster artistic excellence, creative expression, shared stewardship, accessibility and engagement,  community capacity and commercial viability; and
- outcomes to gauge progress.

Pride of Saskatchewan responds to more than 25 years of cultural policy discussions and is based on extensive dialogue and research, which is summarized here: h

To implement the policy, the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport will notably  work with organizations and communities to use the policy as a planning tool; research best practices to strengthen the sector; develop outcome measurements to gauge progress and report on success; and work with other ministries to implement the policy across government.

Meeting the challenge of implementing Pride of Saskatchewan will require collaboration amongst all those who have a role in the culture sector. This collaborative approach around common goals creates synergy that helps strengthen the sector.

Pride of Saskatchewan can be read at:

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