Policies for the publishing sector

Objetivos clave de la medida:

The national editorial policy established by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage works in 4 axes, which strengthen the publishing process from the production, edition, promotion and distribution of literary works presented by Ecuadorian writers:

  1. To establish production, edition and publishing promotion criteria for national writers.
  2. To form a Committee of the Publishing Industry to be in charge of revision, edition, promotion and distribution of proposals submitted by national writers.
  3. To articulate with other public and private institutions the application of a National Reading Plan.
  4. To organize and participate in international book fairs as a means of promoting writers,  cultural  managers  and  participants  in  the  value  chain  of  the  Ecuadorian publishing industry, including the literary works produced and edited by the Publishing Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

In the last five years, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage has carried out the International Book Fair of Quito. Moreover, Ecuador has participated in the International Book Fairs of Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Guadalajara, Havana, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Lima and Santiago de Chile.

Regarding the Quito Book Fair, it stands out:

The Publishing Fund project launched its call for Funds in 2012, achieving the publication of 28 literary works.

In 2014, the project "Jorge Icaza Award for the Book of the Year" was developed, rewarding the writer Oscar Vela for his work "I am the Fire."

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