Plan for the promotion of cultural and creative industries

Objetivos clave de la medida:

With this Plan, The Ministry of Culture promotes the digitalisation of content and the development, consolidation and internationalisation of cultural and creative industries. Furthermore, the Plan contributes to improving training and the promotion of creativity, and supports non-profit bodies in projects involving action, promotion and cultural tourism. In its first year, 2009, it allocated 30.2m Euros to this Plan, in 2010 34.08m Euros, and in 2011 35.62m.
With regard to funding for non-profit bodies for activities directly linked to cultural diversity, the sums allocated in the past four years were: 98,000 Euros in 2008, 113,000 Euros in 2009, 185,000 Euros in 2010, and 166,000 Euros in 2011.

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