Pispirispis Publishing House

Pispirispis Publishing House
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
On April 8, 2014 we were born as an independent publishing house in the city of Manizales. We are committed to the region and local talent, and we bring together illustrators, designers, photographers, proofreaders and writers to create books full of details that stimulate the imagination and transcend borders. We work to rescue, on each page of words and colors, the themes and traditions of our regional culture, and bring the stories and imagery of its inhabitants to national and international markets. As a priority we think of children and how incentivize creativity in first years of life. We are a publishing house that is commitred to children's books because it recognizes tomorrow's readers in the smallest ones today.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
• Eight published books, six of them focused on highlighting the cultural traditions of the Caldas region. • Regional, national and world awards and recognitions. The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Best Cookbook of the Year 2018. “Caldas, un paisaje de sabores” Now available in the UNESCO Library. Ministry of Culture, National Stimulus Program Category: Distribution of creative goods and services catalogs, 2019. Departmental Stimulus Program for Art and Culture of Caldas Category: Urban and rural narratives. May 2019. Departmental Order Diego Arango Jaramillo Caldas Departmental Assembly. Manizales Más Entrepreneurship Unit of Manizales University, several mentions. • Buying and selling of rights, exchange of cultural content with other countries.
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