Y-peer / Gaza Strip

Save Youth Future Society / Gaza strip
Objetivos clave de la medida:

Y-PEER stands for the Youth Peer Education Network. It is an initiative started through UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) in 2001. Y-PEER now has 40 member countries. Y-PEER started working in Arab countries in 2005, now there are 15 Arab member countries in the network.

The main concept of Y-PEER is to build a network of NGO’s working in peer education, especially those focusing on sexual, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention among the youth, gender and other issues related to the youth. The network provides technical support trainings, manuals, tool kits and follows up visits to the member organizations.

Implemented by Save Youth Future Society- Gaza strip.

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Naturaleza de la medida:
financial, institutional
Característica principal de la medida:

Y-Peer, the youth peer education network, is a groundbreaking and comprehensive youth-to-youth initiative pioneered by UNFPA. It's a network for more than 500 non-profit organization and non-governmental institutions. Its membership includes thousands of youth who work in many areas surrounding the adolescent, sexual and reproductive health around the world.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Promotion and dissemination of sexual and reproductive health culture (SRH) and the prevention of HIV for Youth.

The network provides the following:

  • Training of Trainers.
  • Training of Trainers in theater techniques.
  • Training manuals.
  • Provide opportunities to attend international conferences.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in advanced-level trainings.
Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA

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