Participatory Independent Cultural Work: Health Insurance for Artists/ Law and Cultural Practice / Small Grants for Artists

Khalil Al Sakakini Cultural Center
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The main objective of the initiative is to form a platform for joint work among cultural workers and practitioners that is able to provide the necessary community and collective support for those involved. Through such collective effort it will be possible to create an infrastructure that would provide support on several levels, including: health, legal, productive, and economic levels that support independent cultural producers and secure the basic and important working tools required for progress and production. This initiative is not a union, association, or an institution. It is one of Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center’s projects which was derived from the 2018 Qalandiya International’s Solidarity theme; and through this have created the “Dayn” (Debt) Exhibition and organized a series of meetings titled “How do we work together?” and “Law and Cultural Practice” workshops, from which we continue our work. Since 2018 the Center has focused on the following: The issue of health insurance for independent cultural practitioners was discussed at the Center’s meetings. There is governmental health insurance, which costs about 700 NIS annually, but there was a problem with the quality of medical treatment in government hospitals and clinics, in addition to the great pressure on them and the limited resources at hand. At the same time, private (individual) health insurance is almost 40-50% more expensive than that of the prices offered to organizations and institutions and it does not cover all that is covered by institutional insurance. Hence, in 2019 and 2020 the Center provided health insurance to independent cultural practitioners. Each individual covered the cost of his\her insurance, which is the same cost that is covered by the Center for their employees’ health insurance.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Through the Participatory Independent Cultural Work, the Center was able to create a dialogue and communicate with a wide variety of independent cultural practitioners – artists, designers, translators, film directors, musicians, production assistants … etc. This enabled the Center to understand the needs of cultural practitioners and provide health insurance and legal support within the absence of mechanisms and laws that protect independent cultural work. The Center was able to provide health insurance for nine independent cultural practitioners with fair prices and good quality. As for the legal and cultural practices initiative, more than eighty cultural practitioners participated in the workshops. The practitioners were able to develop their knowledge in the legal realm and their ability to defend their rights as artists and cultural practitioners. The more equal the knowledge, the more security, and accountability there is for cultural work. The legal clarity creates space for freedom of creation.
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