Operational and interdisciplinary programmes of the minister of culture and national heritage

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Operational programmes of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage are examples of systemic solutions enabling support from public funds within the form of projects various entities of the cultural sector. Every year, the list of grant programmes is dedicated to local and national cultural institutions, local governments units, non-governmental organisations, as well as churches and religious associations. The list of programmes announced in 2011 was included in section 3 of the Annex. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage execute multiannual programmes, that is the CULTURE+ Programme dedicated to the increase of the access to the culture and the participation of residents of rural and rural-urban areas in the cultural life. The programme is addressed to local and national cultural institutions, state archives and film institutions. The programme has been broadly described in the section 2.3.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage also executes operations aimed at the popularisation of the modern way of thinking about the culture as the feature of the social and economic development. This belief is the base for the social campaign launched in 2010 “Culture Counts!”. Its main task is the increase of the community awareness about the development potential of the culture and relations between the culture and other aspects of the social, economic and political life. Within the framework of the programme, many events were organised, including, inter alia, a debate titled “Who benefits from funding the culture?”, the seminar series “Culture and development” and the international conference “Cultural economics – from theory to culture”. One of objectives of the campaign is also to strengthen relations between the culture and the business, which resulted in the development of the study “Cultural Sponsorship Code” and works on proposals of legislative amendments related to the protection of the cultural heritage and the promotion of the culture.

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