Official Development Assistance

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The Slovak Republic as an EU and OECD Member State is among the most developed countries. Because of the favourable macro-economical development of the SR in 2008 it graduated from the World Bank operations; in other words, the SR is no longer a beneficiary, but a provider of development assistance. Based on the Medium-term Concept of Official Developing Assistance of the SR for the Period of 2003 – 2008, and within the framework of developing assistance of the SR from 2003, the SR supports bilateral programmes and projects in developing countries and provides trilateral and multilateral assistance and humanitarian aid (Slovak Aid). Since 2004, the SR, as an EU Member State, has participated in financing development activities of the European Commission.

Up to 2010, the Ministry partially participated in official development assistance in the area of bilateral programmes and projects aimed at raising the awareness about developing countries pursuant to the criteria of the DAC OECD directive for the provision of development assistance. In the area of multilateral, aid by providing a contribution to the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) in the amount of 3,538 €, the Slovak Republic also applied this contribution as Official Development Assistance.

The Ministry implemented the aforementioned bilateral assistance. In 2009, the Ministry contributed 32,500 € to projects in Serbia and Ukraine, and in 2010, it contributed 8,688 € for projects in Serbia and Georgia.

Budgeting funds in the budget chapter of the Ministry for the Official Development Assistance for cultural programmes pursuant to the criteria of DAC OECD valid from 2010 is a challenge.

Naïve and marginal, photographic, literary, folk art by artists from developing countries as well as theatre and film art festivals were supported based on the provided funds.

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