Nurturing and Championing Young Creative Talents

Emiratos Arabes Unidos
Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation
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Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Initiatives under the “Rewarding Excellence Program” and “ADMAF Grants Program” complement Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation’s (ADMAF) “Creative Leadership Program” by celebrating exceptional young Emirati creative talent locally and internationally. These initiatives also aim to prepare those creatives to take the lead in creating further impact across the UAE’s cultural and creative sector. Rewarding Excellence Program: ADMAF celebrates outstanding creativity in the arts and design among university students and recent graduates through awards and programs designed to nurture the careers of emerging artists and designers in the UAE. The ADMAF education staff works with faculty at universities across the country to integrate awards programs into curricula in ways that support and stimulate students who excel in the cultivation of their practice as creatives and cultural producers. ADMAF’s awards programs are open to all regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or ability, supporting women in full participation in the UAE’s cultural life as artists, designers, cultural professionals and creative entrepreneurs. ADMAF AWARDS include: • ADMAF Creativity Award supports students working in film, literature and the performing arts with a prize and mentoring established creatives. Works of poetry, short fiction, film, spoken word and graphic design have won the award, with three of the five young artists recognized being women. • Abu Dhabi Festival Visual Arts Award supports the growth of the visual arts in the UAE by fostering engagement with the Abu Dhabi Festival’s annual exhibitions. Three of the four winners, working in multimedia, printmaking, painting and photography, were UAE-based women artists. • ADMAF’s Design Commission recognizes the outstanding innovation and achievement of emerging Emirati designers and architects by nurturing and encouraging creative practice with resources and support. The winners, a majority of whom were women designers, won the award for projects ranging from buildings to public spaces to innovative social programs. • The new ADMAF Design Fund reflects the devotion of ADMAF’s Founder to helping develop the UAE’s creative and artistic contributions through training and professional guidance. A young Emirati woman entered a mentorship program with world-renowned designers and received a grant to develop a line of jewellery incorporating elements of traditional Emirati craft. • The Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award was established to help launch the careers of young artists in the UAE by guiding them through the commission-to-exhibition experience. The designers, half of whom have been female, won for public installations in a wide range of themes and concepts. ADMAF GRANTS: ADMAF nurtures artistic, cultural and creative development in the UAE by supporting projects that incorporate UAE traditions, heritage and contemporary expression for current and future generations. Grant-funded projects promote, protect, revitalise and uphold UAE cultural and creative expression and resources. • Cultural citizenship grants support UAE nationals – as individuals or groups – to uphold and develop local cultural expression. • Community Arts grants support initiatives by and for a wide variety of social groups across the UAE, because ADMAF believes access to the arts provides an important voice to the underprivileged and to those located in remote areas. • Arts education grants are awarded to individuals, educational institutions and educational groups to provide added value to core curricula, extra-curricular activities. ADMAF considers all applicants regardless of age, religion, gender, class or ability.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
ADMAF’s awards programs have shed light on artists, designers and their work, both in the UAE and internationally. Over the past four years, ADMAF has publicized the 26 winning projects in the national media and as part of it its annual Abu Dhabi Festival programming (on digital media platforms and printed publications). This recognition has served to encourage Emirati and UAE-based artists and designers to continue developing their practice, in part with the support these awards programs offer. Training, individual mentorship and funding have nurtured them as artists and fostered the growth of their careers. ADMAF grants have resulted in an increased number of active arts practitioners among UAE nationals, as well as more arts and culture activities. The grants have also provided students the opportunity to continue their studies abroad, and ensured a greater community involvement in the preservation and development of cultural heritage and contemporary expression along with an increased international recognition of the value of UAE arts and culture.
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