The Norwegian Government's High North Initiative. Cultural cooperation.

Norwegian Ministry of Culture
Objetivos clave de la medida:

The Government considers the High North as Norway's most important foreign policy field of interest. The main objective is to ensure continued stability, predictability and peaceful development. In this work, international cooperation is a high priority. The arts and cultural sector can contribute on many levels and in different ways to establish, develop and strengthen cooperation across borders. Culture, arts and cultural initiatives are therefore considered an important element in the High North policy area.

Alcance de la medida:
Regional, National, International
Naturaleza de la medida:
financial, institutional
Característica principal de la medida:

Participation in international organisations and fora that aim at supporting and developing international cooperation in the High North; practical and financial contributions to measures facilitating the development of cultural cooperation in the High North, and practical and financial contributions to the implementation of cultural cooperation projects.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

Maintaining and further developing contacts, knowledge exchange and development and cooperation across borders in the High North.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

USD 1 285 046 (NOK 11 million) from the budget of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture in 2016. In addition, other grants and financial contributions to the arts and cultural sector in Northern Norway, whether from the Ministry of Culture, Arts Council Norway or local and regional authorities, underpin the aims of the High North Initiative.

Principales conclusiones de la evaluación de la medida:

An evaluation report from August 2015 concluded that the scheme has been managed well and that it has reached its objectives. The scheme is contributing to a strengthening of musical activities amongst both professional musicians and amateurs.