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As a specific action within the EU’s Music Moves Europe initiative, the European Union seeks to highlight and promote the diversity of the European repertoire with a new European Union Prize for popular and contemporary music: The Music Moves Talent Awards. Succeeding the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA), since 2019, the annual Music Moves Europe Talent awards celebrate emerging artists who represent the European sound of today and tomorrow. The Prize is implemented by Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) in partnership with Reeperbahn Festival and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme. It gets the support of a unique alliance of European music industry partners, including: Digital Music Europe (DME), European Broadcasting Union (EBU), European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA), International Music Managers Forum (IMMF), The live music platform for new European talent (Liveurope), The European network of music venues and festivals (Live DMA), and European Festival Association (Yourope). Europe’s vibrant and diverse music scene has to compete against a dominant Anglo-American music industry. With the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the European Commission aims to put a spotlight on the most interesting new European talents – and to showcase the richness of the European music industry. Outstanding European emerging artists will receive a Music Moves Europe Talent Award in recognition of their growing international success. They are given the opportunity to perform at the Eurosonic Festival (ESNS) and receive on top of that a prize package, including a training programme and financial support for touring and promotion. The nature of the Prize affirms a shared commitment to helping emerging artists to break through in Europe and beyond.
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In 2021 each winner received a prize package worth €10,000 split into two parts: touring and promotional support, and business training. In addition they are offered a range of networking, broadcasting and recording opportunities from the live sector and recorded music industry. Winners of the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards during the reporting period have been as follows: 2021 Alyona Alyona (Ukraine, also Public Choice Award) Melenas (Spain) Louis and the Yakuza (Belgium) Julia Bardo (Italy) Inhaler (Ireland) Vilda (Finland) Sassy 009 (Norway) Rimon (Netherlands) 2020 NAAZ (Netherlands, also Public Choice Award) Meduza (Italy) girl in red (Norway) Anna Leone (Sweden) PONGO (Portugal) HARMED (Hungary) 5K HD (Austria) Flohio (UK) 2019 (all Public Choice Awards): [Pop] Bishop Briggs (UK) and Lxandra (Finland) [Rock] Pale Waves (UK) and Pip Blom (Netherlands) [Electronic] Smerz (Norway) and Stelartronic (Austria) [RnB/Urban] Rosalía (Spain) and Aya Nakamura (France) [Hip Hop/Rap] blackwave. (Belgium) and Reykjavíkurdætur (Iceland) [Singer-songwriter] Avec (Austria) and Albin Lee Meldau (Sweden)
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Eurosonic Noorderslag
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Reeperbahn Festival
Civil Society Organization (CSO)
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