Multi-year editions projects- Performing Arts

General Directorate- Spettacolo dal Vivo (MIBACT)
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

As part of the multi-year activity plan provided by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 6 July 2017 concerning "Identification of interventions to be financed with the Fund for the enhancement of Italian culture and language abroad" and the Ministerial Decree of the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of 4 December 2017, n. 525, the Directorate General Entertainment in agreement with the MAECI and in collaboration and with the co-financing of the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, the Italian Embassies and / or foreign professional bodies is carrying out an articulated program of interventions for the four-year period 2017 / 2020. The resources have not only supplemented the provisions of the FUS funding for the show for the support of Italian show tours abroad with the Ministerial Decree July 27, 2017, but they represented an essential tool to develop interventions to enhance the value of Italian theater, dance and music abroad and to initiate internationalization processes and integrated actions of exchanges and collaborations and between artists and professionals on an innovative basis. different countries.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Within its functions, the General Directorate promoted since the 2017 several initiatives and projects, such us:
- ITALIA XXI- Argentina Buenos Aires: presentation of a series of theater, dance and music performances of Italian artists;
- Tempo Forte Italia Grecia 2019: tour dedicated to the tradition of classical theater;
- International tours: the artists-mobility was also promoted in contexts of Italy-Russia and Italy-China Forum;
- The Avignon Seminar: is an annual initiative promoted by the Directorate-General as part of its activities aimed at supporting artistic mobility and dialogue between artists and operators from countries together with the Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia, organizational coordinator of the project, and the Avignon Festival.
- Boarding Pass Plus: selection and financing of theater, dance, music and circus projects that envisage a path aimed at developing international work processes, which support the comparison and exchange of artistic practices between Italian and foreign artists and operators and which encourage the creation of innovative projects.
- International festival and activities, such as: " VIvo d'Arte" (2020), "Kypria International Festival"(2019, 2020), "Cyprus contemporary dance festival" (2020), " International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama" (2019, 2020), "call for performing arts-Japan"( 2020-2021), "the 3rd meeting of young artistis- National Theater of northern Greece", "Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival" (2019), "Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts" (2019), "World Theater Day" (2019), "The Shoah of Art" (2018).

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If yes, what are the main conclusions/recommendations?: 

The Performing Arts Observatory ( is the study and data collection center of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE). The task of the Observatory is to monitor the activity of the show and entertainment in Italy at 360 degrees with analyzes that involve concerts, cinema, theater, opera, musical comedies, dance, exhibitions, sports, attractions of the traveling show; a very important activity that provides fundamental information and keys for understanding and interpreting the state of industry in Italy. The Performing Arts Observatory regularly publishes the statistical analyzes processed; regular publications include the Statistical Yearbooks of the Performing Arts from 1936, the Semester Trends from 2006, the Seasonal Trends of the Entertainment and the "Five Years of Cinema project".