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The Choices Programme ( developed a special initiative dedicated to the empowerment of youngsters. The measure was designed in partnership with the Embassy of Cape Verde in Lisbon, targeted to youngsters with Cape Verdean origin, to discuss and reflect about the Democratic Institutions, the Rights and Duties, the International Conventions and the Justice, Media Literacy and Citizenship.-

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During this edition, 26 youngsters descends of Cape Verdean immigrants, between 19 and 33 years old, participated and received training and inputs from experienced partners such as Members of the Parliament, Diplomats, Professors and Associative Leaders. The final outcome of this initiative was a country visit to Cape Verde, where the participants had the opportunity to contact, learn and share experiences with local Associations, Public Institutions and Governmental Bodies.

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

The main result was the empowerment of youngsters.

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