The Ministry of Culture announces grant tender proceedings for the Cultural Activities Programme.

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The Ministry of Culture announces grant tender proceedings for the Cultural Activities Programme.

Under this programme, support is provided for activities to promote traditional folk culture, disabled citizens and seniors, the development of interest-based cultural and extra-curricular activities, non-professional artistic activities, regional cultural traditions, providing subsidies for creative or study purposes in the area of non-professional arts and traditional folk culture, as well as financing a range of professional activities, including support for activities for children and young people, e.g. the Prague Children’s Opera, the Kühn children’s choir, Sdružení Q – a workshop for the youngest composers and the PICCOLI summer early music festival.

Support for information campaigns targeting children and young people – through MC state-funded organisation (libraries) and possible subsidies to libraries in the regions

During the period from 2014-2016, the MC supported library activities aimed at children under the 21st Century Library grant chapter, as well as supporting dozens of projects throughout the Czech Republic each year.

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Grant tenders are funded many projects focusing on professional activities including support of children and youth, for instance Children´s opera, Kuhnuv children´s choir, Sdružení- Q –workshop for the youngest composers , Summer festivities of ancient music PICCOLI.  It also embrace campaigns comprise children and youth through Organisation funded by Ministry of Culture  (department of libraries) and also by possible grant tenders to libraries in regions. In years 2014- 2016 funded Ministry of Culture project so called Library of the 21st century activities focused on children. Each year MC support many projects in whole Czech Republic.  

Resultados esperados a través de la implementación de la medida:

DLL – Department of Literature and Libraries of the MC CR performs this measure on an on-going basis through the annual allocation of grants to operators of libraries under the 21st Century Library grant programme for cultural and educational activities in libraries, the majority of which involve events focusing on working with children and young people in the field of literature, supporting literacy, etc.

DRNC – Department of Regional and National Cultures performs this measure under the Cultural Activities programme – non-professional artistic activities in theatre, music, art, dance, children’s and ethnic events, including support for projects run by state-funded organisations founded by the MC. The state-funded organisation, the National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture acts as a specialised nationwide service, also involving cultural institutions in the system.

NIFK – the National Institute of Folk Culture performs this measure through the International Children’s Musical Workshop, Muzičky.

2017 saw the 12th anniversary of the workshop, which is attended by child musicians from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. The aim is to get to know regional specifics of folk music within the context of the ethnographical area from which the musicians originate.

This international conference is part of an agreed strategic dialogue on the culture and education sectors between the Czech and German governments. It is organised by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and financed by both ministries.

Each year the Office of the Government prepares a cycle of seminars and lectures to familiarise pupils and students with the environment in which fundamental decisions are taken with respect to social and political life in the Czech Republic. The topics addressed in these separate meetings include: gender equality, ethnic minorities, human rights, the European Union.

Recursos financieros asignados para implementar la medida:

This measure is financed from the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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